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    Talc masterbatch for EPE foam

    Talc masterbatch designed by Beihua is based on LDPE resin and specifically used as foaming agent in EPE production. Ingredients: LDPE, Talc powder, dispersing agent & stabilizing agent.

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    1、 EPE foaming masterbatch characteristics:
    EPE foaming masterbatch produced by our company is a special masterbatch specially designed for physical foaming of butane. The product is based on LDPE and consists of organic and inorganic compound nucleating agent, stabilizer, dispersant and foaming agent.
    Advantages of EPE foaming masterbatch:
    ① It is good for product forming, keeping discharge stable, improving foaming effect (improving flatness, uniform and dense bubble holes, avoiding sand holes and broken materials)
    ② Improve the foaming effect (improve the flatness, uniform and dense bubble holes, avoid sand holes and broken materials);
    ③ Reduce dust pollution in the production process and improve the feeding environment.



    White pellet






    1.58 1.65

    Recommended addition rate: 1 – 2 %

    Relatively less addition when using recycling material

    No more using talc powder, same percent dosage for butane and GMS.

    The addition amount of foaming masterbatch is usually 1-1.5% when new materials are used, and it can be reduced when recycled materials or anti-static masterbatch and color masterbatch are used.
    After adding EPE foaming masterbatch, talcum powder does not need to be added. Butane and monoglyceride are still added in the original proportion. (Note: add degreasing masterbatch, and do not add GMS.) The addition amount of foaming masterbatch is usually 0.5-1.5% when new materials are used. When recycled materials are used or inorganic components such as whitening masterbatch and color masterbatch are added, it will be reduced appropriately. It is better to add the foaming masterbatch when premixing, or use the feeding small spiral.

    25kg/bag. Keep the place dry with good ventilation. Out of direct sunlight, high temperature, rain pour and no under heavy loads.

    Warranty: 1year